Security Token Offerings Development

Security token offerings are in a growing demand. Over a shorter time perspective we believe that more and more companies and insitutions will see value of the blockchain technology. Among other things, we see a growing usage of token offerings in the field of real estate tokenization. The blockchain is an excellent protocol for usage when exchange of ownership is in question. In many cases we are dealing with cases for raising capital. However, the blockchain is becoming usefull in many other cases where the issue is “making businesses more efficient”.

Liongate Ventures s.r.o. is specialising in technical solutions based on the blockchain protocol. As such, the company goes into a broader scope of vision for implementing good ideas using innovative solutions. The company provides its clients with security token offerings functionality and assist them for launch. A full cycle of digital token offering services are offered. In addition, the company has a full developemnt department at hand. Thus, several projects of tailored blockchain products has already been completed.

  • Company: Liongate Ventures s.r.o.
  • Incorporated: Czech Republic
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Why Security Token Offerings?

The blockchain is especially usefull in cases where exchange of ownership is taking place. It provides complete transparency and efficiency among a long row of other positive features. The functionality delivered by the company proves especially usefull for digital shares and exchange of those. Any deal can be made instantly and according to how the smart-contract is defined. Blockchain settlement is close to immediate. Any ownership data is transparent and visible at the relevant blockchain. Do you have a business idea you think will revolutionize your business? Contact Liongate Ventures s.r.o. for a closer talk.