Asset Backed NFTs

Asset backed NFTs are unique digital tokens that are traded on any relevant blockchain. Unlike standard NFTs, investing in asset backed NFTs represents buying a real product. We are building expertise on the connection between the product and the NFT. Once the legal binding between those two are implemented, trading with the NFT (as a product) can commence at the blockchain. In practical ways it means that the product in itself has become a financial instrument possible to trade with. The release of a non fungible token typically comes with a primary market place. It consists of the functionality where the purchaser buys the token with a digital wallet. However, holding a NFT becomes more valuable if it can be traded on a secondary market.

The real creation of value will come when the NFTs can be traded in a secondary market. A secondary market implies a marketplace where the holder of NFTs can sell or auction their tokens to other users. In addition it becomes extra interesting once the marketplace itself can place rare items on auction. The concept is applicable to a wide variety of topics. One good example is tokenized real estate, where fractions of an estate is sold (on a secondary marketplace) to other investors.

Building a Market for Asset Backed NFTs

The concept of growth is the idea behind a successful secondary marketplace. Hence, the consequence should always be to assure the presence of supply and demand. In this way, our visionary thoughts goes in the direction of the future of investent. Including the benefit of the blockchain technology we believe that the major effort in majority should be placed between those who are buying and selling. In this way, real supply and demand is created.