Real Estate Holding and Tokenization

Norwegian Living AS is a subsidiary real estate tokenization project based in Oslo / Norway. Real estate tokenization services is an up and coming concept, and Liongate Invest is carving the path ahead for the future of real estate holding and investments. Tokenization of real estate is also referred to as fractional ownership. The ownership of the real estate is typically split into a certain number of participating shares. They are again tokenized and offered for purchase at the blockchain.

The Norwegian Living token offering is private and not offered to the general public. Digital tokens offered by Liongate Invest is therefore sold in closed sessions and with a whitepaper visible only to those with an interest to participate. The tokens have been issued based on direct ownership in the estates over a certain period of time.

  • Company: Norwegian Living AS
  • Incorporated: Norway
  • Website:

Real Estate Tokenization Participation

Are you interested in purchasing a digital token as an investment? In this case, you are welcome to contact us for a closer non binding conversation. A non binding introduction session with us we will let you know the terms and conditions for participating as a digital token buyer. In addtion, we will also introduce you to the benefits of holding a token and investing in general over the blockchain. Lastly, the world of token purchasing opens up for a new way of investing. This includes the most efficient way to receive return on your investment.