Private Holding of Assets and Securities

Liongate Invest Ltd. is a private investment and holding company. The companys mission is to develop new and innovative ideas based on new technology. These are ideas we feel confident will have a major impact on its intended market. Growth and profitability will then go hand in hand. The reason is that we strongly believe that profitablity is a result of a positive enduser centiment. A positive enduser experience is therefore a direct consequence of innovative development funded on new technological solutions.

The evolution of the blockchain technology is still ongoing. There is a clear trend that the blockchain technology, as a protocol, is excellent in user cases where ownership is changing. So is the case with our solutions. Our portfolio includes both real estate tokenization solutions and asset backed NFTs, where products are sold as non fungible tokens at the blockchain. The Liongate Invest vision and business idea will continue to grow in the same pace as this exciting technological development around us.