Digital Assets Curation Services

Considering the numerous discussions going on in regards to blockchain, crypto and digital assets, the market is missing a place where business ideas can actually be developed and put into real life. Consequently, The Hoff AS is founded on a set of digital assets curation services. As a result, businesses can learn more about how their daily operations can benefit from the blockchain technology, implemented as Web3 applications. Thus, the company develop the ideas and create their presence in the relavant marketplace.

The blockchain technology is giving a long row of benefits. Transparency and efficiency is only two of them. Its appliance is also growing in popularity, especially for real estate tokenization and asset backed NFTs. However, there is still a general lack of understanding. The results are very often misconceptions and ideas that are overfloating. The Hoff AS is founded on the vision to bring the correct ideas to the correct marketplaces. The result will be a more efficient and beneficial operation for its clients.

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  • Incorporated: Norway
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Tore Herbert Hoff, digital assets curation services

Tore Herbert Hoff – Digital Assets Curator

Tore Herbert Hoff

Tore Herbert Hoff has wide experience from the asset management industry. Based in Switzerland he served his clients based on his own developed Forex strategy. From this point he has moved further in his career. The path has moved into new and exciting technology which also implies new methods for alternative investments. The blockchain is an excellent protocol where exchange of ownership is in question. Therefore it also calls for new and exciting ideas. Truly the new technological oportunities are excellent for making corporate daily operations considerably more efficient. This forms the grunds for the digital assets curation services. Tore and The Hoff AS is already in the market to expose his knowledge to the market.