Tore Herbert Hoff

Tore Herbert Hoff is a professional financial trader and digital assets curator. He has background from the Swiss asset management industry and has moved forward into the world of blockchain technology. Tore currently plays the role as digital assets curator across a growing number of companies in the Liongate corporate family.

Tore Herbert Hoff is a goal oriented and determined person. He is currently specializing his services for clients who look into taking benefit from the blockchain technology for their business. His analytical mind combined with the effort of bringing ideas to the market continously gives great value to his clients. Tore is currently working on real estate tokenization projects and assets backed NFTs.

"Success is not something you can work towards! Success is a result of hard work in itself. Bringing any bright ideas to the market requires determination and consistency."

Digital Assets Curation Services

Tore Herbert Hoff, Digital Assets Curator

Tore Herbert Hoff is filling a role as a Digital Assets Curator in the company structure he is building. His expertise has developed to guide, assist and prepare businesses for the blockchain protocol. The blockchain, as a technology, provides a long row of benefits. Consequently, it is apart of our portfolio to display, develop ideas and both prepare and develop businesses for transacting on the blockchain.

With new technology comes new and great ideas. If phrased correctly it all comes down to new innovation. This is the purpose, especially for one of our portfolio companies – The Hoff AS. Once new ideas comes down to reality it gets possible to implement them accordingly. Existing demand in the market and possibility to develop and implement are only a few of the things that is constanlty considered.